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Searching Active Directory root with Apache’s mod_authnz_ldap

While setting up an Apache server for authenticating users accessing a Subversion repository using mod_authnz_ldap, I came across a problem previously reported by phiroc on the users@httpd mailing list: Hi, when I use the following AuthLDAPURL “ldap://adserver/ou=city1,dc=abc,dc=com?sAMAccountName?sub?(&(objectClass=user)(!(objectClass=computer)))” NONE I can … Continue reading

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Changing GDM theme in OpenSUSE 11.1

OpenSUSE 11.1 ships with GDM 2.24.x which is a not yet feature-complete rewrite of the original GDM codebase. One consequence of this is that it is no longer possible to customize the login screen using gdmsetup. It is, however, still … Continue reading

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NTP synchronization of the system clock

Update: I realised that the recipe below will not necessarily ensure the NTP service is started on booting and in the process of fixing that, I discovered that Yast actually has a nice GUI for setting up NTP. So, instead … Continue reading

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Configuring the DHCP client

To save power, my DSL router is automatically shut down when my computer is powered off. When I start the computer, the router is also started. This works fine. The problem is that when the router is started, it takes … Continue reading

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