OpenSUSE 10.2 just around the corner

Yesterday, the OpenSUSE project released version 10.2 RC1, which is the last planned step towards the release of OpenSUSE 10.2 (final), currently scheduled for Dec 7. I guess all of us SUSE afficionados will get an early Christmas present this year!

Do not expect any revolutionary changes this time around. There are a few new packages and a slew of updated ones. The main highlights are:

  • Firefox 2.0
  • Kernel 2.6.18 SMP (no non-SMP)
  • GNOME 2.16.1
  • KDE 3.5.5
  • PHP 5.2
  • improvements to the online update and package installation tools
  • reorganised start menu

Tuxmachines has a review of OpenSUSE 10.2 beta 2.

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