Updated OpenSUSE 10.1 images available

Update: The remastered CD/DVD images are now definitely on the OpenSUSE download page.
Today it was announced that a “remastered” version of the OpenSUSE 10.1 CD images is available for download. This new set of CD’s includes all security patches that have been released since the original images were made available. The similarly updated non-OSS DVD version will be available sometime next week.

Users who have already installed OpenSUSE do not need the new version, as all the patches should already have been installed through online update. Users doing a fresh install of OpenSUSE, however, should definitely get the new images to avoid the problems with libzypp (online update) that were present in the original images.
The OpenSUSE download page does not yet mention the update, nor does the news on opensuse.org. Perhaps they are waiting for the DVD image. Unless you are in a rush, you might want to postpone the download until next week.

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