Firefox fails to start after updating to

In today’s shipment of updates to OpenSUSE was the latest version af Firefox, As usual, I indiscriminately chose to get all available updates, including Firefox.

When the updater reported succesfully completing the update, I started Firefox. And waited. And waited. Though I could see the process running, no windows appeared. Hmm… Houston do we have a problem?

First step was to kill the running processes and then start Firefox from the command line. After printing a lot of stuff including a couple of failed assertions (!), Firefox stopped and apparently waited for a debugger to be attached.

Next step was to start Firefox in safe mode using the command line: “firefox -safe-mode”. This – among other things – prevents extensions from being loaded. Now the window came up. Figuring that it was a problem with one of my extensions, I disabled all the most conspicuous ones and restarted in normal mode. After a bit of trial and error, enabling and disabling extensions, I found the culprit: FireBug 0.4.
I believe I have run FireBug 0.4 on Firefox under Windows at work, so it must be an issue that appears only under Linux or perhaps with the combination of extensions I have. Too bad, since FireBug is a cool extension for doing Ajax development.

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