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Configuring the DHCP client

To save power, my DSL router is automatically shut down when my computer is powered off. When I start the computer, the router is also started. This works fine. The problem is that when the router is started, it takes … Continue reading

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Migrating Thunderbird mail and settings from Windows to Linux

I have been using Mozilla Mail and later Thunderbird for my email for around five years. My mail folders contain over half a gigabyte of communication, that I definitely do not want to lose. So moving to Linux, I also … Continue reading

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Firefox fails to start after updating to

In today’s shipment of updates to OpenSUSE was the latest version af Firefox, As usual, I indiscriminately chose to get all available updates, including Firefox. When the updater reported succesfully completing the update, I started Firefox. And waited. And … Continue reading

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Speeding up VMware Server console connections

This post does not have much to do with OpenSUSE, but it could be useful for people trying out OpenSUSE in a virtual machine using the free VMware Server virtualization product. For some reason, console connections to running virtual machines … Continue reading

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Trouble with 1920×1200 resolution

Today, I replaced my Lacie 19″ CRT with an awesome Dell 2407 WFP LCD widescreen connected via DVI to a GeForce4 MX graphics card. After booting, everything was fine until I reached the xdm login screen. Somehow the display was … Continue reading

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