When updating the updater fails…

After booting into Linux the online update notification icon indicated that new security updates were available for download. On the list of available updates was libzypp and zmd, parts of Novell’s Zenworks online update management software. I just clicked OK and let the update start. After downloading the available packages, it failed while installing libzypp, giving the message:

Establishing script:libzypp-patch-zmdrestart.sh-2-1533-1.noarch[SUSE-Linux-10.1-Updates]
This would invalidatescript:libzypp-patch-zmdrestart.sh-2-1533-1.noarch[SUSE-Linux-10.1-Updates].
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

As I always do, I fired up my trusty ol’ Firefox and did a quick search. Google came up with a post by a Novell staff member, giving guidance for fixing the broken online update. It turns out that a bug existed in the version of Zenworks shipped with the release version of the OpenSUSE. Novell figured they could fix it using updates, but something apparently went wrong.
Following the procedure, I updated libzypp and its dependencies using Yast2 (the old SUSE package management UI). After doing this, I restarted automatic updates and this time the update procedure ran all the way to the end. Hurrah!

I know someone who reverted to OpenSUSE 10.0 because of the issue with online updates. Having security updates done regularly is (unfortunately) necessary to steer clear exposure to attacks over the internet. Therefore the error in 10.1 is most unfortunate, since it could cause users to just turn off automatic updates altogether.


SUSE Wiki also has an article on wrestling zen to work.

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