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Installing all the fun stuff

A clean vanilla OpenSUSE install comes with a lot of tools for all kinds of tasks. Some things, however, are not available. Notably, this includes potentially patent-infringing software, i.e. software which plays mp3, dvds, wmv etc. These are omitted to … Continue reading

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When updating the updater fails…

After booting into Linux the online update notification icon indicated that new security updates were available for download. On the list of available updates was libzypp and zmd, parts of Novell’s Zenworks online update management software. I just clicked OK … Continue reading

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Ink is flowing!

As reported in the original post about my installation of OpenSUSE, my Canon iP4200 winprinter was detected during the initial install. When I tried to print, though, nothing happened, as I had suspected.After a bit of googling, I found a … Continue reading

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First looks – OpenSUSE 10.1 Installation

Slick! — that is the best word I can find to describe the installation procedure in OpenSUSE 10.1. Today, almost all desktop Linux distributions have a graphical installer which hides most of the gory details of installing an operating system. … Continue reading

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